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A slightly shorter mail than my last (phew! they all thought) and with the main aim of reporting the addition of 40 new Previews to the list on my website. 

You will find them on this link - 'CLICK HERE


The new ones start at No 61 and run through to No 100. They include photos and more details for the works of art I mentioned in my last mail-out – the bronze desk-top sculpture of an SS100 by Chris Davis. The XJ220 walnut profile by craftsman carver, Ray Winder and the superb “Milano” briefcase, also in walnut. Separately, and different works of art, are no fewer than four original design proposals for the interior of the XJ220 by Nick Hull, lead designer for the car’s interior.

Other goodies are - a rear wheel spat from an XJR9. Lejeune and Desmo mascots. Ecurie Ecosse transporter by Spark. Le Mans programmes for 1953 and 1956. A genuine E-type key fob from the 1960s (see below). A rare and very unusual blueprint of a “Wireless Trailer” produced by SS Cars  for the Army during the war. A Prameta model of the XK120 made in Germany in the late 1940s. Three different versions of the tiny black 1945/46 brochures - in English, German and French. The rare XK120 “Special Equipment” brochure. XJ220 brochures from Park Sheet Metal and Abbey Panels, who helped create the cars - and much, much more – over 40 new items in total!

Auction Update

The flow of very good entries has continued with over 150 arriving for the main catalogue just before I closed it and nearly 60 late entries for Section Z. The arrival of all these goodies (plus the departure on holiday of my photographer!), now means that I’ve had to delay launch until later this month. Section Z does remain open, but entries have now slowed to a trickle, which is easing the pressure.

 Caveat Emptor! - Buyer Beware!

Two warnings here. Many of you will remember my warnings a couple of years ago about reproduction Jaguar car club badges that were coming out of India by the container-load. My first warning here is that the same is now happening with Jaguar key fobs, albeit not from India. They are appearing on the likes of E-bay described as original and from the 60s or 70s – but they are not. The colours of the leather fobs are incorrect as is the enamel on the metal tab, which is too insipid. To illustrate this, I attach a genuine E-type fob and two that are false.

My second warning is about a long-standing method of creating phoney items, which is to take two genuine items and then combine them to create a new item that never existed for real. I show two examples. The first is a genuine match case and a genuine Jaguar badge. The badge has been stuck onto the match case to create an item described as “original” but not known unto Jaguar. The second is a very average but genuine desk-piece with a (probably) genuine SS Cars badge stuck onto it. Nothing like this was ever offered by SS Cars.

I am, of course, sure that the sellers of items like these are acting in good faith, mainly because they lack detailed knowledge of the genuine items. However, my “Caveat Emptor” warning is strong and, as always, I’m at your service to deal with items like these. If you are thinking of buying an item of Jaguar automobilia that you are not sure about, please do not hesitate to send me a photo and any details before you buy or bid

Finally, if you have any queries on the Previews, or anything else here, just mail me at my standard e-mail address – 

More anon,

Ian Cooling


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