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MG Club Track Day

8 November 2020
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Pukekohe Raceway
MG Car Club

MG Club invites the Jaguar Driver's Club to the Track in 2020. A day for those who don't usually get on the track but would like to.

As an invited member, you can also experience the thrill of putting your cat through its paces.

Register now! Entry forms available at the MGCC club website. Its primary focus is to give people who don't usually do so, a chance to drive on a track in a very low key manner: a rare opportunity to enjoy the track in your own space at your own pace.

Minimal special equipment needed

It is an expensive undertaking, made possible thanks to our sponsors.

Key event information:

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Parade laps - Drive your car in a speed limited convoy during the lunch break.

Driver training - Drive the track with an experienced driver alongside you to talk you through it.

Single car sprint - Each car starts on its own, go as fast - or not - as you feel comfortable with.

Equipment requirements:


Your Jaguar in good WoF order,

Crash helmet (club has some available to borrow),

Overalls (ditto),

Fire extinguisher for either type of sprint - but not parade laps or driver training. These must be bolted into the vehicle and be of double strap fixing. These can be purchased from The Warehouse for $29.00,

Rollbar NOT needed for single sprints - required only for open cars doing dual sprints.

All participants must attend the 'Scrutineering' at Walbran Motors in New Lynn on the Saturday before the event. Scrutineering is from 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm.

Further details and entry forms will be available at www.mgclub.org.nz

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