"A set of brakes... that's more than somewhere to rest your foot while you're having an accident." Jaguar, Moss, Dewis, and the disc brake

By Daniel Strohl

The story of Jaguar's development of the disc brake, of passenger car technology forged in racing success, of British automotive innovation on the world stage, is one that's often repeated and widely known. But that doesn't mean it's not worth retelling, especially from the points of view of two of the men largely responsible for the development of that technology for Jaguar: Stirling Moss and Norman Dewis. In the last couple of years we've lost both the racer and the test driver after long and eventful careers. Fortunately, filmmaker Al Clark not only got to sit with both men before they died but also reunite them with the cars and the locations that played key roles in the story for his documentary "The Racers that Stopped the World,"

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