Ellerslie Car Show 2021

Ellerslie Car Show, Sunday, 14th February 2021

Simon Crispe - Letter to Club.

In my role as the Jaguar Driver's Club rep on the Ellerslie Concours Committee for 2021, I want to thank you all but in particular Murray Biddick (S3 V12 E Type Roadster) , Bill Burrett (S2 E Type 2+2 FHC), Tim Fraser (S2 E Type 2+2 FHC) and Roger Munns (XK120 FHC), for the huge effort you all made to prepare these 4 beautiful Jaguars that were entered in yesterday's main competitive events.

Also special thanks to Don Bowater and Laurie Hayward for their help. Don opened up his marvelous man cave to get three winning cars up on his hoist to detail the all important undersides of the cars and Laurie spent days helping Roger Munns get his superb XK120 ready.

As previous entrants ourselves, Dean Wright and I know just how much physical and mental strain the process of preparing cars for Intermarque Event takes on everyone concerned including our spouses and families!! Well done indeed for preparing these four fantastically well presented cars.

Congratulations to Murray Biddick (winner of the Survivor Class by more than 60 points clear of the 2nd place getter) and a stunning result for a self confessed "non-concourse guy", when I visited him at his home last month to twist his arm into entering!!

Also hearty congratulations to Bill Burrett and Tim Fraser for their excellent 3rd place result with well over 1000 team class points. In recent years the 1000 point mark has become the threshold to scoring any place at the Ellerslie Team Event and is a huge achievement for both Bill and Tim as more self confessed "non concourse guys".

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank all the Club members lead by Dean, and assisted by Don and Robin O'Connor who put together such a great E Type Club display stand featuring 7 E Types, especially
Dawn Judge (62 S1-FHC)
Warwick & Sue Jenness (65 S1 OTS)
Barry Tremaine 66 S1 semi competition FHC Paul Ingram (66 S1 E Type 2+2 FHC)
David Wong Tung (S3 V12 FHC)
Trevor Bartlett (S3 V12 roadster)
Don Bowater (S3 V12 roadster)

As many of you may know the Jaguar Driver's Club Auckland was a foundation member of the Intermarque Show at the inaugural event at Cornwall Park in 1972.

Thanks to all your efforts our Club really has stepped up to the plate for the 50th Show and demonstrates both the strength of our Club and the interest in showing our wonderful cars in these kinds of events.
Watch the video of the Club display; 'Click here'.

The official results are; 'Click here'

Best wishes

Simon Crispe

Organising Committee Member for 2021

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